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Sworn Translations at the Court of Brescia

About 40% of all translations made at Executive Service Brescia are certified and sworn translations.

A translation has to be certified or sworn so that it can be submitted to and accepted by a public office in Italy, for instance.

In this way, the translation becomes an official document, that is, a Court Clerk attests that the text is a faithful translation of the original document by affixing his signature.

The process

We attach the translation to the printed document the client has handed us, plus a final page containing the certification/ legalisation.

We take this document to the Court of Brescia and before the Registrar in charge, we affix our signature next to the Registrar’s on the document and take an oath on its accuracy.

The translation so certified becomes legally valid and can be accepted throughout Italy.

If the certified or sworn translated document has to be used in a foreign country, that certified/ sworn translations has to be legalised as well.

This should be done at the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Public Prosecutor certifies the signature of the Registrar to whom we submitted the certification by affixing his signature. Since the Public Prosecutor’s signature is recognised by all the countries, so will be the document so legalised.

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