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The answers to your question

We have gathered here all the answers to the most frequently asked questions that our clients have about our services and the solutions we can offer for your translation needs.

Legal Translations

Only the qualified translator who personally handled the translation of the document can swear it.
The only exception is that a translation cannot be certified if its content concerns that same translator.

Our translations are certified by the Court of Brescia or a Notary Office located in Brescia.

No, only the translator is required to be present during this process.

Professional Translation Service

We offer translation services in English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, and Turkish. However, we are also equipped to handle translations in all the languages of the world thanks to our network of foreign collaborators.

We translate legal documents, contracts, certificates, financial statements, personal documents, diplomas and academic certificates, technical manuals, user manuals, maintenance manuals, articles, websites, and brochures.

Our prices are always calculated on the basis of the specific project. Contact us and we will estimate your project and tell exactly how much it will cost.

The cost of a translation depends on the number of words in the document.

We accept cash, credit/debit cards, Bancomat, bank transfers, and Satispay.

Delivery times mainly depend on the length of the text to be translated, but we can also deliver projects within an hour after the document is received.

Yes, we handle urgent translations at no extra cost.

We follow a multi-step procedure to ensure quality.

  • First, we carefully select the best translator based on their language skills relevant to the project.
  • After the translation work is completed, the text undergoes a linguistic, spelling, and layout revision.
  • Finally, before the final delivery to the client, the text undergoes a final check to ensure that no names, numbers, dates, or addresses have been incorrectly written.

If errors are identified, correcting them is always the responsibility of Executive Service Brescia.

Before any correction, we analyse the error in question to determine whether it is a content or translation error rather than a style that the client prefers.

After a translation is delivered to a client, it is stored in our data systems for about 12 months. Once this time has elapsed, the file is permanently deleted without leaving any further trace.

Yes, we review your translations and, if necessary, improve or correct them.

Interpreting Service

We have a large pool of qualified interpreters for events, meetings, and conferences. We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services.

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