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Audio & video transcription services

Transcription itself does not require translating from one language into another because it involves converting into written form the whole audio of a tape or speech at a conference, congress or meeting.
This audio file may be in a foreign language. Therefore, the person in charge of transcribing the document should have a very good knowledge of the source language.

In fact, the spoken material often shows features that a written text should never have, such as interjection, comments, or the pauses that are natural and characteristic of the speaker’s personal way of speaking.
Only he who knows a language perfectly well can ‘detect’ such features and transcribe the audio as accurately and truly as possible, and without grammar errors that can the speaker can make.

Once the audio file is converted into a written file, it can be translated into the language you need.

Thanks to the wide range of equipment we have, we can convert into written text almost any kind of audio files- from .wav, .mpeg, .aac, .dss., .au, .vid, .wmv, .avi, .mov, up to DVDs or tape recordings.

From estimate to delivery: our method

We are proud of our tiered method that organises work to ensure a seamless service.
Each translation project is processed following six different steps: analysis of the text, quote, translation, revision, final check and delivery. If the document so requires, a further step is added: documents are certified and sworn before the relevant bodies.

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