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Simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting.

Interpreting is a communication process between two or more individuals that speak different languages facilitated by the linking figure of the interpreter, who knows both languages. In this way, both you and your partners will have access to the same information, there will be no misinterpretations and nothing will ‘get lost in the translation’.

Technical sessions or important business meetings can be successfully held with the aid of our skilled and qualified team of interpreters.

Interpreters need to be duly trained and prepared in the technical terminology and topics that are going to be dealt with at meetings, conferences, and the like. Ours are.

We offer three types of interpreting services:

  1. simultaneous,
  2. consecutive, and
  3. whispered

Simultaneous Interpreting

The simultaneous interpreter needs to be highly concentrated in order to convey the message translated at the same time it is being generated, in the most accurate manner possible.

The interpreter will keep on translating as long as the speaker speaks, without interruptions throughout the presentation.

In a simultaneous interpreting setting, the recipient of the translation listens to the interpreter via an audio device; we can also supply this equipment.

As an alternative, the interpreter can be physically next to the recipient, and ‘whisper’ the translation to him without the aid of any device. This mode is also known by the French term chuchotage.

Consecutive Interpreting

Unlike simultaneous translation, in consecutive interpreting the interpreter starts to interpret after the speaker pauses. Therefore, the time needed is much longer as the speaker’s speech is not free-flowing, as he utters a series of sentences and he is followed by the interpreter’s translation. 

From estimate to delivery: our method

We are proud of our tiered method that organises work to ensure a seamless service.
Each translation project is processed following six different steps: analysis of the text, quote, translation, revision, final check and delivery. If the document so requires, a further step is added: documents are certified and sworn before the relevant bodies.

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